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First off, this is a free website and blog. I do not collect any data from you unless you contact me, then I will maintain your contact information along with our conversation. Nor do I write anything to your computer, this website does not use cookies, nor does it utilize data mining for the sake of search optimization (such as scripts like 'Google Analytics'). 

About Windows Laptop Blog

Microsoft Windows 7 was damn good. But as it's no longer supported, most of us had to make the jump to 10 out of necessity, and are hence experiencing a computing experience nightmare on a grand scale.

Originally, I grabbed this domain and others like it in order to celebrate the Windows 7 experience, but due to problems with everyone deciding to throw competing or spam advertisements on my blog (,, etc...), I had to give up on doing a decent blog. Now though, as I struggle through Windows 10 Pro on my Dell Inspiron, I have to speak-up.

Admin: Doug Peters

Why is Windows 10 so Very Ridiculously Broken?

This is the question that this blog will raise over and over, because Windows 10 is not working well, anymore. 

Hi. My name is Doug and I am the administrator. Perhaps like you, I am about done with Windows 10. And yet, I am still stuck with it. It is unfortunate, but I want to try to make some noise. Because this should not be happening. Microsoft has dropped the ball.   

Throughout this website I will griping about Windows 10 Pro. For that matter, I will gripe about any version of Windows that I have to deal with on one of my laptops. But I am experiencing a great deal more problems with my Windows 10 units than any other operating system that I use. As I find work-arounds, I will share them.

Windows 10 just appears to suck, completely. As a user, that pisses me off. Hence, this blog. I am so freaking tired of this absolute bullshit I have to deal with, not just on a daily basis, but especially after every single damn Windows Update. This is no computer operating system befitting a business, nor for creativity (art, photography, music, video) creation. It just sucks way too poorly, and I am using Windows 10 Pro (on a Dell i5 Inspiron with 16 GB RAM).

Unfortunately, I am stuck having to use it, at least for a while yet, as I add more Linux and Apple devices to my previously Windows concentric network of devices. But, Microsoft has given me no other choice, I need a computer that works.