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Windows Laptop Post Index

The following content will eventually act as an index of the available posts on the Windows Laptop Blog. However, right now I am just setting the website up on the HD Web Hosting servers, so all I have at the moment is the one introductory article on the main (home) page of the site.

Windows Laptop Web Site Blog Post Index:

A summary of the available posts will be listed below by title...

Windows Laptop

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The current active posts...

Windows 10 is Broken.
What Idiocy is behind Windows 10? 2020

Windows 10 is still presenting problems. 4/18/21

I will be adding more articles and switching the website layout up to accomodate them. But I only do this in my spare time and because of all of my issues with Windows 10 Pro & Windows Update, I am always trying to fix my damn computer, so I have no spare time.