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Windows 10 is Broken

There is no possible way to deny it anymore. As if we don't have enough troubles with COVID-19 in 2020, every single Windows 10 update has broken my laptop this year. And if Windows 10 Pro won't work for my system and breaks others as well, it doesn't work. It's BROKEN! #Windows10isBroken

What Idiocy is behind Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 7 was damn good. But as it's no longer supported, most of us had to make the jump to 10, and are experiencing a nightmare on a grand scale. It's so troublesome that I have not been able to work well or play. Now that I'm being pushed over to the Apple platform just to have a good work environment, I might be able to actually document these idiotic struggles I am being harrassed with on Windows 10 Pro.

Author: Doug Peters

Why is Windows 10 Broken?

In order to understand why Windows 10 is broken, you must look at the rather large (global) big picture. Windows 10 has become a service, it no longer even resembles a stable computing platform. These flagrant, constant and brutal violations of our very 'personal' computers allow Microsoft extra Windows 10 support income, because they just don't make much on the operating system.

Look at it this way, the part of the OS that Microsoft corrupts with each and every update is our own personal settings. With each update, I might lose my display settings and have to reset them. Or I might lose Bluetooth. Or a particular (Microsoft) Bluetooth mouse will no longer work at all. Or I have to uninstall and then pair my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Or my sound settings have to be reset. 

There are even some systems that Microsoft has bricked because of an update. Clearly, Microsoft Windows 10 is not working for us all, so it isn't working, it is broken, and Microsoft appears not able to fix it, because these update issues are a constant.
There are even some systems that Microsoft has bricked because of an update. Clearly, Microsoft Windows 10 is not working for us all, so it isn't working, it is broken, and Microsoft appears not able to fix it, because these update issues are a constant. 

This has happened, repeatedly, whether you have a laptop or a desktop. 

When I grabbed this domain name, I really thought I would be celebrating the Windows platform. That was not an easy feat, for Microsoft to win me over after all the harm they have caused me in my professional, business and personal lives. After all, I was an Amiga artist, and Microsoft openly and swiftly crushed that platform (completely).

That is not to say that the death blows to Commodore weren't self-inflicted, they were. But I did expect that the very viable and extraordinary color video & animation expertise of the Amiga platform would not only survive, but live on through its widespread love and support. To my surprise, no, it was crushed rather handily, because it was better than either Windows or the Macintosh platforms at the time.

The Amiga's actual deathnell was Doom, the video game. The code to convert this game from the Intel 486 platform was withheld from Amiga developers for years. And even though when they did get it, they got it running even better on the Amiga's "slower" stock Motorola processors, it ran even better because of the dedicated video chip. 

But, it was too late. Everyone was already on the PC or Mac because the Amiga was no more. Which, in itself still confounds me. And it does live on, but now is mostly emulated instead of actively developed (though there is still that movement of grassroots entuthiasts and developers keeping the dream alive).

So, what does the Doom of Amiga have to do with Microsoft? The propblem here is that Microsoft didn't learn a thing from Commodore and thier advanced Amiga. They no longer were developing the platform internally (instead Commodore was relying on 3rd party developers to hop-up the power or make the OS friendlier), and that's what made it so easy to crush.

Microsoft is not a software company anymore. It develops the Surface line of Studio; laptop, 2-in-1 book & tablet personal computers and then there's the XBOX game console & media center (MC). Microsoft markets its own line of keyboards, mice, and and one time made a splash into phones (of which it is attempting a return).

However, they are forgetting their users as they develop forward.  My 16GB 2.5GHz i5-7300HQ powered laptop isn't yet 3 years old, the Bluetooth keyboard is less than a year old and the mouse (also Bluetooth to free-up ports) is brand new this month. Yet I have to sit at the computer and press keys for a whole minute before the system recognizes the kb as a connected device, when it is set to wake the system up. There is a disconnect there, and it is affecting users worldwide because Microsoft clearly does not give a crap about the user experience anymore.

That disconnect has a great many of us looking at how wonderfully Apple products seem to work, and work well together. Suddenly the Macintosh and iPad platforms are looking increasingly better, and many of their users are already happy with Apple's iPhone environment, anyway. 

Surely, Microsoft is still developing, but the problem is that the user experience they are leaving us with isn't actually fully developed. It's more of an afterthought, rushed to market to meet expectations of a bunch of old school corporate old men with no vision that probably do not even use their own products.